Dr. DoniBeth Davis has been my chiropractor since she started practicing. In the beginning I only went when something was bothering me or I was in pain. I did not start going regularly until my second pregnancy. Not long after I became pregnant I started having migraines. At first I just lived with it. But they started happening one to two times every week. With a 2 year old running around the house, exhausted from the pregnancy, I made an appointment. I woke up the day after my appointment without a headache! AND no aches and pains. I didn’t even realize the pain my body was in. From that point on I started going once every 2 weeks. I only had one migraine after that and it was because I cancelled an appointment. 28 weeks into my pregnancy my OBGYN told me he wanted to schedule a Caesarian, being that my 1st pregnancy ended that way. Determined to NOT go through that again I found a hospital, Aurora Sinai in Milwaukee, that would let me attempt a VBAC. It was successful. Why do I tell you this? I feel that DoniBeth played a huge role in my VBAC. She shared articles with me, encouraged me, and gave me chiropractic care up until the day before I delivered. I believe if my body was not aligned when going into the hospital I could have very well ended up with another Caesarian. I will never again go through a pregnancy without chiropractic care.

Another success story from our family is for my youngest daughter. Around a year old she started to leak through her diaper every night. It didn’t matter what size diaper she was wearing or changing her liquid intake. Frustrated, I mentioned it to Dr. Davis. She did a quick check and her hip was out of place! I thought it was just a fluke at first but she went an entire week without wetting the bed. She now goes with me every 2 weeks to be adjusted.

After having migraine relief and a successful VBAC while under Dr. Davis’ care, I am so thankful and blessed to know how chiropractic care can change circumstances by helping your body work properly and do what it was made to do. And for my daughter, there is always a night or two before our appointment that she wets the bed. BUT it is no longer as frustrating to have to change the sheets and clean her up because I now have an answer and a way to help her. Our family will be life long patients of Dr. Davis!

If you are debating to try chiropractic care give it a shot! You have nothing to lose and will more than likely have your own success story.