It is such an exciting time for chiropractic & changes are about to happen in the health of our country. I can hardly contain my excitement! Last night I was reading through more of the details of the Gallup-Palmer report. I knew the results came out in the fall of 2015 & it looked promising for the growth of our profession. The last time a poll like this was done, it showed that about 8% of the population utilized chiropractic care. Now that poll shows 14% of the population have used a chiropractor in the last 12 months! It has almost doubled.  The mission of Sozo Chiropractic is to change the health of our community, one family at a time.  When I look at these numbers I see many possibilities.

 If we were to look at things from a pain management perspective only, this is huge.  Addiction to pain medications is a growing problem.  As the use of these addictive drugs increases so does the availability and access to them for other family members.  It is sad to see that teenagers can simply go into the medicine cabinet at home and easily have access to dangerous and addictive drugs.  I truly believe if more people utilized chiropractic care to manage their pain, we would see changes in the number of prescription drug addictions.

The number of surgeries could also be reduced as more people see a chiropractor.  I am not opposed to surgery.  I have had to go through 2 surgeries, which allowed me to continue to use my left arm.  I am thankful for the technology and skilled doctors who are able to perform these procedures.  However, if it can be avoided, that individual is also avoiding the risks and complications which could result from surgery.  What I love about chiropractic is how it allows the body to heal and therefore the need for surgery is gone.

Now if we were to begin to look at the health cost savings this would create!  Chiropractic care is drastically less expensive than the other alternatives.  If more people use chiropractors, we could see some improvement in the crisis we are facing with health care expenses.

My dream is to one day see the Gallup-Palmer poll show 80% of the population using chiropractic.  I know the health of our community would be different and for the better.  I have no doubt about that!

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Be healthy and well.