“When you know your why, you can endure any how” – Victor Frankel



Why do you try to eat healthy?  Why do you exercise?  For the expectant mom who wants a natural childbirth, why?  Why breastfeed?

I think “why” is an important question to ask yourself as you make decisions on your health journey.  Once you understand the “why” behind a decision, it is easier to own the choice and follow through with it.  We find our motivation for the tough moments through owning why we want to do something.  A challenging moment is worth working through because you know why you are doing it.  You can see the bigger picture.

When I talk with mom’s who are planning to breastfeed, I will often spend more time talking with them about why they want to do it rather than how to do it.  I believe that if you can really own why you want to breastfeed you will find a solution to any challenge you might face as you learn how to breastfeed.  It helps you determine how committed you are to doing it.

As I was preparing for the birth of my first child, I was like any other first time mom, unsure of what to expect.  I knew about the birthing process but had never experienced it myself. There are so many different things that could happen. How do you possible prepare for them all? How do you create a birth plan that would include all the different scenarios?  I decided I needed to start with why I wanted a natural childbirth.  Once I had those reasons listed out, it was easy to move forward with the plan.  I held my birth plan with an open hand so I could be open to whatever changes may come, which is what I advise any mom to do as she prepares for birth.  I truly believe that identifying my motivation for my desired labor helped me to be committed to it and achieve it.

These are just 2 examples from my personal experience but this can be applied to any decision or change you are trying to make.  It may be a career change, losing weight, or eating healthier.  Find out your motivation, your “why”, and let that lead you to achieving your goal.

Live life to the fullest.