We first started out coming to Dr. Davis for our 3 year old daughter who wouldn’t turn her head to the right side and she wasn’t able to look up. It happened from one moment to the other and she was really in pain. Even after her first appointment I could notice a change. However, she was still very cautious because of the pain she was experiencing before. After her 3rd appointment I couldn’t see any restrictions on her movement. She was able to look over both shoulders equally and looking upward was also possible without problems or pain. I think her flexibility was seriously better than before; it was and still is so impressive! Because of Dr. Davis’ excellent care and competence I decided to bring my other kids (ages 7 and 9) that had problems in the past and she could help each one of them. The kids LOVE to go to their appointments. The treatment was at no time painful or stressful for the kids. The opposite was the case: they enjoyed it and it brought them always relief, stability, and better movement.

Improvements for all three:
3-year old – complete restoration in flexibility and movement
7- year old – increased attention span and concentration, less headaches
9-year old – no headaches anymore, better sleep

Unfortunately, we are “short-term” patients because we are moving out of state. Dr. Davis and Sozo Chiropractic will be greatly missed and we really regret that she won’t be available for the next time we need her. I can recommend Dr. Davis highly! If you ever thought to see a chiropractor or you are in need of treatment don’t hesitate and book your first appointment. You won’t regret it!